Jun - Avatar: the Last Airbender


Worn at: Katsucon 20, Con-G

I was very late to Avatar fandom, but caught up eventually. Jun caught my attention immediately, for obvious (badassery) reasons.

I always need more convenient hall costumes, so I managed to whip this costume together in 4 evenings; it took awhile to find the right fabric (off-black is surprisingly elusive) but finally settled on this awesome charcoal spandex with a hint of metallic shine. Leftover K'ehleyr fabric worked for the lining, and leftover Moondragon fabric made the belts.

The flat hairbun thingy is craft foam covered in kinky jumbo braid and then wrapped in extension hair, and sewn to the wig. The skulls on whip and hair are air-dry lightweight clay. The toes of my boots are Fosshape, shaped and then glued to the shoes.

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