K'ehleyr - Star Trek:TNG

K'ehleyr Worn at: Polaris 25

Awards Won: Best Klingon

K'ehleyr was my favourite female character in Star Trek until Jadzia Dax came along, and is still right up there. I was always really annoyed that they killed her off after only two episodes, especially when I discovered that the writers considered her death nothing more than a convenient plot device to motivate Worf (hello, women in fridges).

She's also one of the few female ST characters that have interesting costumes IMO, so I've wanted to cosplay her for over a decade.

I was stymied for a long time due to wanting the armbands to be brass like in the TV show, however a friend finally pointed out to me that even if I can laboriously saw out all those armbands (which I can), I don't have the facilities to bend them. *sigh* So I went with heat-formed ABS plastic.

The bodysuit is the same no-front-or-side-seam pattern I used for Frostfaerie, and the jacket pattern I draped as there was nothing suitable I could find. The costume is astonishingly hot to wear due to the thigh-high vinyl boots and vinyl jacket.

For the forehead I got a friend to cast my forehead and then I sculpted the ridges and assisted in making the negative mold. It's my first prosthetic and I'm pretty happy with how it came out although I do need more practice for application.

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