Rococo Lolita - Original Concept

Lemonbunny Worn at: Otakuthon 2015

Based on a dorky personal joke that probably nobody but me finds amusing:

I love lemons and I love bunnies. I came up with a personal mascot, Lemonbunny: a bunny who wears a lemon on her head. Lemon makes everything taste yummy, so when you're eating something that isn't delicious, you call out for Lemonbunny to rescue you. >_> It's totally dorky but I find it hilarious/adorable.

Anyways, so I'd been tossing around the idea of doing a Lemonbunny lolita dress just as a casual hall outfit. Then I found this awesome striped vintage fabric on eBay; it was only 2 yards and I couldn't find any more, so it sat around while I decided what to do with it. Somehow my easy hall costume turned into a Sakizo-inspired 18th century rufflestravaganza with all the trims and rhinestones.

The dress is made on a 18th century polonaise pattern, altered to be 'zone-front' and fastens in the front with hooks and eyes. For the skirt I ended up dyeing innumerable yards of tulle and layering it with the black lace before gathering and attaching to an underskirt. The skirt came out so much poofier than I'd anticipated that I ended up needing neither my usual loli petticoat nor the historical bumroll I'd made.

Was rushing to finish the costume for Otakuthon so I made cockades on the bus and trimmed existing shoes, but then covered different shoes later. I also added rhinestones all over the trims.

photo by Solartempest   photo by Solartempest   photo by Solartempest  photo by Solartempest