Lily Faerie

Worn at: Con*Cept 2004, Ad Astra 2005
Awards Won: Judges' Choice Award and Best Workmanship in Show, Ad Astra 2005

We decided to do flower faeries...I had 5 yards of gorgeous rainbow organza in my closet that I'd seen at Fabricland last year and just HAD to buy (I actually had planned to make some kind of fairy with it but had no definite plans), so I did some research and found a flower that had the right colours to match the fabric (Stargazer Lily). We were all really rushed trying to get everything done for Con*Cept (I was putting together my wings the night before we left for the con, and Dawn and Heather were sewing the straps to the wings backstage), so I didn't get the beading done for the con and just laced a pair of brown suede boots I have at home with pretty ribbon in lieu of fairy footwear. The costume was upgraded for Ad Astra in April (added bugle beads and a wire-and-bead stamen to the dress flower, got new shoes and embellished them, embellished wings).

The corset and underskirt are two-tone crinkle taffeta, and the overskirt, petals and wings are organza, with the dress petals airbrushed to look like lily petals. The petals are wired along the edges and down the centre of each, and beaded with black bugle beads to create the distinctive lily 'spots'.

The wings attach to straps that lace onto the corset in the front; they're surprisingly light despite their size...but they have a fairly large wingspan so it's a bit tricky going through doors (or a crowded backstage area, as I learned).

The headdress and necklace are made of brass wire and beads, with organza ribbon dangling on the sides.

peeking thru leaves dramatic pose! full shot nifty lighting hooray for sunlight! coy with flower! Smiling Sneaky! Pretty shadows full-body shot by the green green water more pretty sunlight going somewhere... sun-dapples Lily in green shade I know things. Wings in the sun!Lily likes flowers. The cute pose More flower worship