Minami - Neoranga


Worn at: Anime North 2000
Awards won: Journeyman Division - Best Workmanship (shield), Anime North 2000

The shield is several layers of foamcore, each cut concentrically to create the depth on the inside of the shield, then covered with papier-maché and painted. The arm-thingy is half a yogurt container covered in lots of papier-maché.

The necklace is various brass findings and copper sheet glued to leather, and the earrings are Fimo spray-painted gold and brass wire.

The body paint was a major pain in the ass. The day before the con, my friend Michael Mcmaster, who's a professional makeup artist, used 'tattoo paint', which is supposed to last for up to 2 weeks....except it doesn't, as I discovered the next morning. So on the day of the con I had to repaint everything with Kryolan water-based body paint. It doesn't smudge as badly as regular makeup, but after several hours it will get somewhat blurry. The good thing about this costume is that since every time the girls are shown the 'tattoo' patterns are different, Michael and I could just make them up to however we liked.

The rest of the costume is just many strips of white silk (and yes, I hemmed all of them by hand... -.-;).

I'd like to wear this costume at least once more so that I can get some decent pictures of it.

posing posing posing posing posing posing a crappy pic of me posing with the shield another crappy pic of me posing with the shield a less crappy pic of me with the shield...and a table. with the Weiss boys; I made Aya's coat.