Phèdre - Kushiel Saga by Jacqueline Carey

Worn at: Ad Astra 2006, Dragon*Con 2006

I love red dresses, and was really drawn to the description of Phèdre's Mara costume (although there are some inconsistencies in Carey's description). I didn't want to recreate the cover art as I thought it was inaccurate, so I did my own interpretation.

I bought silk charmeuse from Silk Connections and dyed it myself. I wanted to cut the fabric on the bias in order to get a nice clingy drape, but in retrospect I should have used a bias pattern as I discovered too late that center seams are necessary for bias garments. :P It was a bit of a struggle but it turned out okay in the end; just some tweaking is needed. Unfortunately the design requires that I tape the dress to my sides, and I didn't use enough tape so it puckers a bit.

It was very difficult to find silk habotai ribbons; had to pay a lot of money for undyed ones and then dye them with my fabric, but it's worth it as they flutter so beautifully. The hair ornaments are faceted black beads attached to a wire frame.

I redesigned the marque (I thought it should be a bit more elaborate than the cover art) for Ad Astra but I did it at the last minute so wasn't exactly how I wanted; reworked it for Dragon*Con but then somehow managed to forget my ribbons. :P The tattoo is printed on waterslide tattoo paper and then just sticks on like a temporary tattoo.

Outside Close-up Outside Outside Outside With Joscelin With Joscelin At Dragoncon, sans ribbons At Dragoncon, sans ribbonsAt Dragoncon, sans ribbonsAt Dragoncon, sans ribbonsAt Dragoncon, sans ribbons At Dragoncon, sans ribbons