Indian Embroidery - Tribal Costume

Worn at: Various performances in Ontario

I was shopping with my troupe and found a great embroidered and mirrored patchwork Indian wall-hanging, and said "Hey wouldn't it be cool if we took this apart and made costumes out of it?"

Over the years they've learned that when I say "Hey wouldn't it be cool if..." much sewing will ensue. XD

So we got another wall-hanging (there wasn't quite enough for all three of us), picked out the stitches, played jigsaw puzzle with the pieces, and resewed all the bits into panel aprons. Then I hand-couched all the red cords back along the intersections.

I also made my choli top based on a Rajasthani style, and re-embroidered the trims as they weren't colourful enough.

The fluffy skirt is purchased as I have better things to do than spend my life ruffling a million yards of cotton gauze. Antique tribal jewellery is also purchased.

Posing! With Sofia My apron Close-up of apron and choli