Sewing Machine - Sakizo

Sewing Machine artWorn at: Otakuthon 2017, FanExpo 2017

One of many, many Sakizo designs I've fallen in love with. But the amusement value of cosplaying as a sewing machine put this one over the top for me. 

The corset, sleeves, and overskirt are silk dupioni from Silk Baron. The main skirt is a satin jacquard with chiffon inner skirt ruffles.

The construction of the skirt was complicated, as I had to figure out a way to a) make the front cage in 2 parts for transport and b) detachable from the rest of the skirt.

I made the cage by wrapping Worbla over round foam backer rods from the hardware store, and then carefully assembling the filigree shapes. It was tricky as too much heat would cause the foam rods inside to collapse. The partial hoopskirt in back fits between the outer and inner skirt layers, and attaches to the front cage using large snaps.

I also sewed the stripes on the the big ribbon in back, because for some reason I thought it would be easier/better than just painting the stripes. So many tiny seam allowances on fray-prone dupioni!

The gold details on the sleeves and overskirt are all hand-embroidered and beaded as I couldn't find lace of the right pattern. The gold lace is also all hand-sewn, and I made the roses from organza. Wig styling, shoes and gloves also all made by me.

Photos by Katya Perin and Don Dolce.