Naga - Slayers

Naga and her little pets

Worn at: Anime North '99, CNAnime 2000
Awards won: Journeyman division - Best workmanship (armor), Best group presentation, Anime North '99

This was the first anime costume I made. It was a lot of fun doing the Naga laugh all over the place and making people cringe. ^_^ I actually dyed my hair purple for Anime North '99, but you can't really tell because it just made my brown hair black with a purplish shine.

For the shoulderpads, I cut a big plastic juice jug in half and then layered lots of plasterstrip on top to create the right shape...then polyfilla to smooth the surface out. The spikes are stiff card. The whole thing was painted with acrylics.

My brother and I also made Lina and Gourry's armor...for Lina's shoulderpads we cut foamcore to the right shape, then scored it in several places to bend it, then put glue into the score marks to hold it in position. Once that was dry, lots of plasterstrip and polyfilla went on top. The red jewels were half a tennis ball plastered over, and the covering for the jewels was card bent over and then plastered. Gourry's armor was much simpler; just flat foamcore and plaster.

Boots & Accessories:
I bought soft canvas shoes ($5 CAN in Chinatown) and sewed canvas 'legs' to them, then painted them with acrylic to make them stiff like boot leather. They attached with velcro up the back. The jewellery is Fimo; the gloves were bought and dyed.

Zel's outfit was super-easy; just a men's pyjama pattern with a modified cloak pattern on top. The wig was bought and Depped into place.

For CNAnime 2000 Hilary (Lina) and I recycled our costumes and dressed Stuart up in a leather trenchcoat and shades as 'Zaft'. We were his go-go dancers. I didn't bother with my shoulderpads coz it's kind of hard to dance in them....and as for my headband, I discovered on the day of the con that it had mysteriously broken in half. Oh well...

This costume has been retired as most of it is either broken or has disappeared somewhere.

about to let loose the infamous Naga laugh Me'n Zel with Mew Me'n Zel with Mew...again. the Slayers team Zel sweeps me off my feet Making my very own Zelgadis Zaft and his girls Naga at CNAnime 2000...and Zaft in the background The Zaft group with Kenshin The Zaft group