Snapdragon - Kabuki

Another version of Snapdragon...

Worn at: Dragon*Con '02, CNAnime '04

This one was supposed to be an easy throw-together costume to give me a break after the insanity that was Windy, but I started working full-time a couple weeks before Dragoncon, so I ended up doing a bunch of things at the last minute, as usual. It was quite comfy, but it did get a bit tiresome having to push the mask up and down all the time. Also, having to carry the weapons made dancing somewhat difficult. ^_^;

I tried dyeing my hair black, but it didn't quite work. All I ended up with was slightly darker brown hair, with two greeny-black streaks where I'd previously had two blonde streaks. -.-;;

Armor & Weapons: The shogee is carved from pine, sanded and covered in many many many layers of gesso to get that super-smooth finish, then painted. The ring is ABS plastic, painted silver and wrapped with cord. I bought chain from the hardware store and attached it to the blade and ring.

Pants, shoes, mask: All bought. I'd planned on making a mask to fit my face, but ran out of time and ended up settling for a cheap plastic mask from Malabar. It's a bit too small, and the face isn't quite right, so I'd still like to make one that's really accurate.

Bracers and armband: The bracers are ABS shaped with a heat gun and painted with acrylics, then edged with piping. The armband is stretch twill painted with fabric paints.

Shirt and harness: The shirt is just a chunk of fishnet fabric tied around me. The collar was custom-made for me at a local goth shop, and I made the harness out of leather scraps and rings from the hardware store. The electrical tape is, well, electrical tape. And yes, it does sting a bit coming off. ^_^

Stuart painted my tattoo for Dragon*Con, and Dawn(Kaijugal) did it for CNAnime. We were sitting in a side hallway, me topless and lying face-down on the ground and later sitting up holding a shirt to my chest while she painted my back....and guys were walking by trying really hard not to LOOK like they were looking. XD

posing posing with Zel the kittyboy Posing Posing... ditto here you can see the back tattoo so carefully painted by my lovely hubby ditto posing with Lindze posing with Lindze

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