What bugs me about prudery...

"But what about the children?"

AAAAARGH. Few things piss me off as much as the attitude that the glimpse of a woman's nipple will mentally scar a child for life somehow. They can suck on them when they're infants, but once they start talking then those nipples turn into pure EVIL!!! It's okay for them to watch violence on TV, but heaven forbid they should know what a normal, healthy human body looks like. We should just keep them in the dark, never tell them anything about their bodies or sex, and just let nature take its course in the backseat of the car like it should, right? Gag me.

I fail to see how knowing about human bodies and sexuality will damage a child. Yeah, they may not be intellectually ready to see graphic sex, but they should at least know that it exists, how it works, the potential dangers and necessary precautions.

What tops it all off is the sheer hypocrisy of it all. People will happily take their children to beaches where women are walking around in bikinis, but at an anime or sci-fi convention they'll be horrified by a woman wearing the very same bikini. Does she emit harmful rays only in a closed environment? And don't even get me started on the completely insane practice of putting bikini tops on toddlers.

The dumbass attitude that human bodies are something to be ashamed of and covered at all costs is not only stupid; it's sick and it leads to self-esteem problems, not to mention sexual problems due to inhibition, or health problems due to ignorance of basic biology and safety measures. Our bodies are well-functioning and well-designed organisms, and there's no logical reason to be ashamed of them or their natural functions. Why on earth should a woman be embarrassed to have a man see her buying tampons (and therefore know she menstruates)? ALL women menstruate. It's not like she has some freaky disease.

People, especially in North America, just need to get over themselves. Nipples are not going to hurt anybody. Knowing how and why our bodies work is not going to make us all turn into crazed pedophiles or social outcasts or something stupid and Fifties like that.

Okay, I'm done.

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