Scarlet Witch, George Perez Gypsy version (Avengers comics)


Worn at: Dragon*Con 2005, Paradise Comic-con 2006, Dragon*Con 2006

I've always liked this version of Wanda's costume, so it's been in my to-do list for awhile, and I picked up the fabric and wig for it a year ago or so. When it was determined that we'd be going to Dragon*Con this year, it was a perfect motivator to get Wanda made.

I spent most of my time on the belt decorations and then my sewing machine broke down, forcing me to do most of the rest of the costume at my in-laws' house in Georgia the week before the con. So some parts were kind of rushed; I'm happy with most of it, but the headdress was just raw craft foam that I didn't have time to cover or paint, so it doesn't quite match.

After all these years, this was the first time I actually made removable spandex boot covers (I usually use non-stretch fabric and permanently attach the covers). There were a few unforeseen problems such as having to double-sided tape the boot tops to my legs (non-stretch bootcovers are usually stiff enough to stand up on their own, so I hadn't anticipated this), and the covers slid around on the bottom, which was kind of annoying. :P

The bustier was far more problematic than I'd anticipated - I'd made several corsets, so didn't think I'd have any problem with a boned bustier...but the bust cups just about drove me batty. There are no bustier patterns (that I could find, anyways) that have the seam going vertically over the bust like Wanda's does, so I had to draft my own pattern, and they just weren't looking right so I had to put rigilene in them which made the bustier a bit uncomfortable to wear. For D*C 06 I ripped the cups out and redid them with a foam cup instead.

This costume was very popular, not surprisingly (bright red + bellydancer = eyecatching), and it's a rarely done version, so I got a lot of attention. And as everyone who saw me at the con probably wondered, yes there ARE panties attached. I made panties out of the same spandex as the bootcovers and sleeves, and attached them to the belt at the sides. The belt is permanently attached to the gold rings on all sides but one, where it folds over the ring and snaps closed. The belt is quite heavy due to all the metal coins and stuff (I didn't like how super-shiny standard bellydance-belt coins are, so I got duller (and heavier) coins and then brightened them a little with gold paint).

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