The Windy - Card Captor Sakura


Worn at: Anime North 2002
Awards won: Best Workmanship in Show; Best Presentation (Journeyman Division), Anime North 2002

This is another one where halfway through I asked myself 'why exactly was I doing this costume again?'. I think I was looking for something that I could go nuts on and make super-fabulously elaborate, and at the time Windy came to mind. I'd planned to do this for more than a year, but wanted to go all-out so it didn't get made until AN'02. The design of Windy is fairly simple (she's pretty much naked, winged and glowy), so I decided to exercise artistic license and elaborate on the design. I'm pretty happy with this costume, although the wig just *barely* fit over all my hair, and after about an hour in the Green Room my head was in extreme pain from the tightness and weight.

This is the costume that taught me that beading is addictive. I bought a whole bunch of iridescent white and yellow and pink and pale-blue beads, and just went totally nuts with them. Windy is the result of approximately five months of sewing and beading while listening to Star Trek on TV. Once you start beading, you look at everything and think "Hey, I could put beads on that...". Very dangerous for one's wallet.

Windy was very well received at Anime North. I think the best moment was when I walked on stage and the entire audience gasped. ^_^ I was just happy I didn't trip on the trailing skirts and fall on my face, or have the wig fall apart. It was definitely a learning experience.

I do want to wear this again, if only to fix all the little things that bugged me. I wasn't really happy with the makeup (it was a last-minute job) and I'd like to do some touch-up work on the wig and dress. Unfortunately the costume is not suited for hall wear.

Dress: The dress is in two parts: a cream spandex underdress with separate armwarmers, and a sheer pinky-gold organza overdress. I sewed the underdress from scratch and used a modified pattern for the overdress. The overdress has *lots* of beads; it took me months of work to do all the beading. All the hems are beaded, and the overdress panels have scattered beads coming up from the bottom hem...none of which you can see in any of the pictures. -.-; There's also a lot of dangly bead trim, all done by hand. Basically what I did was buy a whole bunch of iridescent beaded trim on sale, decide it wasn't fancy enough, take it apart and completely re-make the trim with lots more beads and more dangly bits.

Wings: The wings are hand-painted silk over a wire frame, attached to a shoulder assembly made of wire mesh covered in felt. Feathers were then hot-glued to the shoulder assembly, and many fingers were burned. The wings were very popular, though, so it was all worth it. If anybody wants to try their hand at silk-painting, the place in Toronto where I got the silk and dyes was G & S Dye. They're very friendly and helpful (and the guy who works at the downtown location is cute ^_^).

Wig: I bought a long straight wig and built Windy's hair using foam for the sticky-out bits, then wrapping them in extra hair. It was my first attempt at major wig surgery, and I'm fairly happy with it, although it didn't turn out exactly how I'd planned. The wing headdress is silver-plated wire strung with beads, then sewn onto the wig. After I'd finished the wig on Thursday afternoon, it still wasn't fancy enough for me so I ran out and bought some very thin ribbons in pale yellow and blue, strung them with beads and wrapped them around the wig to dangle in front. Even more stuff you can't see in the pictures...*sigh*

Windy on stage The wings The official con photo In the green room In the green room again Glowing Windy

Since I got a digicam recently, thought I'd put up some pics of the beadwork since people had expressed interest in seeing it. It doesn't photograph too well, however, as the overdress fabric is metallic and reflects the flash, making it hard to see some of the paler beads.

The bead dangles on the front of the dress
Bead fringe trim and tassels on the sleeves; if you look closely you can see the individual beads along the hem
Ditto, without flash
The scattered beads coming up from the hem; a number of skirt panels are overlapped here

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